Royal Canadian Numismatic Association
– website for the Canadian Numismatic Association.

American Numismatic Association
– website for the national numismatic association in the
United States.

Bank of Canada Currency Museum
– website for the Bank of Canada Currency Museum
located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Canadian Coin Reference Site
– discussion site for collectors interested in coin collecting.

Collectors Coin News
– news from around the world on coins, precious metals, paper money and treasure.

Coin Link website
– comprehensive and informative numismatic news, resources and information on rare coins and banknotes

Numismatic Network Canada
- information on coin clubs and associations located in Canada

Royal Canadian Mint

Canadian Coin News

Coin World

Numismatic News

Numismatic Bibliomania Society

International Coin Certification Service Inc.
2010 Yonge St., St. 202,
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Z9
p) 416-488-8620
f) 416-488-6371
- this is the top service in Canada for authentication and grading
of all Canadian coins.